The mighty endeavor 1
The Mighty Endeavor was created to bring history to life by connecting students directly to the men and women who made history. Our mission is simple, to PRESERVE, HONOR, and EDUCATE. We do this by engaging veterans and students in the goal of Preserving their stories, Honoring their service, and Educating our youth about the dedication, sense of satisfaction, and real sacrifices that come from serving in the military.
The Mighty Endeavor accomplishes this through the use of an approved curriculum, which is used in schools, libraries, home-schools, museums and youth programs. The experiential learning-based curriculum is designed to make the process of learning about history, while applying skills like researching, writing, data management, interviewing, and video production fun. All at no cost to students, schools, libraries, youth programs etc. That’s right, it is our believe that veterans’ histories are already paid for and should be shared at no cost.
To gather the stories there are various methods of research available. Whether communicating via email, phone, Skype, or face-to-face interview, we encourage those involved to seek out photos, video, and journals to include in the stories about each veteran. The uploaded information about each veteran, known as a Veteran Bio, will become part of the Veterans' Legacies database, easily accessible and free to use. Every image, video clip, and scanned document will serve to tell the story of the men and women who served.
The database is a public site, accessible to all, at no charge. Click here to upload a veteran's bio, or look for information about someone who served.
We are working closely with the National Archives, and volunteers to upload the records our brave men and women who have served and protected our nation. These records will give students, teachers, and researchers the information they need to begin building a biography for each and every veteran.
In partnership with OregonASK, the state libraries, the historical societies, veterans memorials and museums nationwide, and volunteers throughout the country we have embarked on a grassroots program to connect veterans and the public. The gathering of veterans’ stories is not limited to students, individuals and families are also encouraged to participate in the process. We have simple guides for how to create a biography and preserve the personal stories of parents, friends and family members who served
The Mighty Endeavor curriculum to provides guidelines, instructions and support for those interested in working on the project. The curriculum ensures educators have to the tools needed to help their students learn the editorial, journalistic, and technical skills needed to complete full biographical profile of any given veteran.
We encourage teachers, students, families, and services groups to take on this project in local communities to help ensure that we reach the largest number of veterans and individuals who participated in the war effort. Educators and youth program administrators can click here to learn more and download the free curriculum.